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(International Speaker: L'effet wow!)

"Nicolas embodies determination and resilience. His unique life experience makes him an essential speaker, capable of inspiring young people and captivating any audience. Having taught Nicolas at UQAM in the past, I'm convinced that his contagious passion and inspiring testimony make him an exceptional choice for conferences, including corporate ones. His dynamism and authenticity make every speech an unforgettable experience, adding real value to any event."


Sébastien Sasseville

(International Speaker and endurance athlete)


"I'm convinced that Nicolas has a great speaking career ahead of him. He carries important messages for our society and has already had a great impact on thousands of people."

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Martin Latulippe

(International Speaker) 

« After hearing Nicolas’s touching testimony when we talked on Skype, I wish him the best of luck in this wonderful project that will surely have a significant impact on his audience. »

Stéphane paradis
(Profesional speaker: gustave & compagnie)

“Nicolas is the type of guy known to be very human. His life path, which stems from an unusual journey, is able to inspire young and old alike. The resilience he has shown demonstrates a lot of determination, and his obvious talent for communication will undoubtedly bring him to touch the hearts of thousands of people, and with emotion. A name to remember! "

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Louis-philippe thibault

(Professional Speaker)

« Nicolas has a powerful testimony and there is a great need in schools across the country to hear his powerful message. With my expertise as a public speaker, it was my pleasure to give him several tips to help him in his early days as a speaker. In society, we need more people like him! »

véronique lareau

(social worker, Rosemont college)

« Mr. Bélanger’s presentation was able to move us deeply, raise our awareness, inform us about the dangers on the roads and gave us a very human face to this social issue. We do not hesitate to recommend this conference! »

514-376-1620, extension 7218

Officer Gabriel

(police officer at SPVM)

« When I organized a conference in front of the college students of Rosemont Collège in Montreal to teach the audience about the dangers on the roads, I invited the Speaker Nicolas Bélanger to speak about his touching life story. Nicolas shared his moving testimony with us while also bringing a unique perspective focused on perseverance and resilience, which greatly touched the audience. There was also an interesting exchange between Nicolas and a young man in the crowd who had also been the victim of a car accident. He asked several questions and asked for advice about how Mr. Bélanger could be so positive and resilient despite what had happened to him. His testimony was touching for everyone and several of my colleagues from the police department attending that day told me how impressed they were. Nicolas is a professional speaker and I believe that young people from high schools and colleges in Quebec could benefit from hearing his life story and his perspective on life. »

Officer Diane

(police officer at SPVM)

« I had the pleasure of meeting and giving a conference with Nicolas to young students of Rosemont College in 2018. I was giving the first part of the conference to teach young people about the dangers on the road using striking images and videos. Nicolas took care of the second part by delivering his touching testimony and showing the audience striking images of his own journey through this very difficult challenge that he had to go through. He explained to the public the dangers of drinking and driving after he was a victim of a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver in 2014. Nicolas was extremely professional in delivering his touching and inspiring personal story. »

élizabeth houde

(social worker, 2159)

« The dynamism and sincerity of its presentation greatly captured the attention of our audience of young individuals. Wonderful exchanges were then able to take place between Nicolas and the youth in attendance. I refer you to his conference presentation services with the assurance that you will be satisfied. »

Virginie messier

(teacher at csdhr)

« Nicolas came to share his touching testimony to the kids of grade 5 in my class. He spoke about the perseverance and resilience he demonstrated during his journey post-accident. I invited him to come as part of the "World Perseverance Week" to raise awareness among young people. Superb presentation, thank you again, Nicolas. »

blanca gómez gonzález

(human ressources teacher, uc3m)

« I met Nicolas while he was studying in Spain at the University Carlos 3 of Madrid (UC3M) in one of the business classes I taught. He stood out as a very driven and extroverted young man when we spoke together after class to discuss the corporate world he was about to enter. We had many professional guest speakers in our class and Nicolas was very engaged with them asking interesting questions on behalf of his peers. I remember being very impressed by Nicolas’s social skills and by how good his Spanish was, knowing his first languages were French and English and when I heard that he learned it on his own while travelling the world. I am pretty sure that Nicolas will be a great public speaker in the school environment because he is not only an excellent communicator, but truly determined, dedicated and with a very authentic testimony to share. »


Saint-Hubert (Quebec)


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