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The Greatest thing about COVID19 ➡️ NO FOMO

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Isn’t it great that for the whole year of 2020, I haven’t felt any FOMO (fear of missing out), not even once. The really bad news is that there’s a worldwide pandemic, but you can find the positive through it.

For the majority of us, it’s more than anything a drastic lifestyle change. Some of us lose our jobs, some of us go to school online, and for all of us in the country at least, we don’t have much to do.. Why? Because everything is closed for safety measures. The bars, restaurants, movie theatres and most activities we know of are closed for X amount of time while things cool off in the pandemic department.

So where are the good news here?

You get to choose how you spend your time and what type of investment in yourself you can make. The single fact that on my Instagram, I don’t see anybody living a crazy life partying, travelling or having fun somewhere while I’m cooking home alone on my Friday night is such a great feeling because that means there’s no FOMO, which is one of social media’s biggest hurdle…

We all have our “normal life” and our “social media life.”

Our normal life, for the most of us (no, all of us actually) has ups and downs and good news and bad news and great news. We have awesome days where everything is just perfect and horrible days where we’re just like “where’s my drink” (Except I don’t drink anymore so when my day is horrible I just deal with it!)

Social media for me is just this weird journal where everybody post their best version of themselves. People partying, people with their family, big dinner with friends, travels around the world, etc.

However, the problem is that showing off our best version of ourselves, always living the high life on social media, where in reality we’re miserable the remaining 70% of our time is not only unhealthy, but it’s also an unsustainable lifestyle.

The truth of the matter is: We have great days, we have shitty days and whether you’re balling in the Caribbean islands or home alone in your small village, you can be equally happy or unhappy in both scenarios! (It’s just that the tropical island scenario is worth sharing and impressing your friends.)

All that to say, now we’re all in the same boat! No travelling, no parties, no restaurants, no gyms, no partying with friends, all that thanks to COVID!

So where does that lead us?

Home alone most of the time and sometimes a dinner with family or close friends (even if you know you shouldn’t!)

The FOMO era on social media is on pause at least because most people’s lives in Canada is pretty mellow. You know what, though? That’s awesome!

I love my life in 2020! What did I decide to do? I went back to school, I have a job where I can still work (with masks and everything) and that I enjoy. I read a shitload of books and give myself some time on Netflix to watch documentaries and learn interesting/inspiring stuff. I sometimes see my close ones and I’m quite enjoying my days. I’m super busy and I don’t waste my time envying everybody else’s social media “influencer wannabe” lifestyle. I work, I study, I work out, I do constructive activities and limit my social media time and I’m happy!

I’ve also been SOBER for more than 2 years, so if you want an extra tip because you’re miserable or depressed, stop drinking alone at home or stop drinking every day, because that’s the worst depressant out there!

Enjoy the NO FOMO time that COVID gives us and reinvent yourself.

Life is awesome and we can all be our best versions, pandemic or not!

Enjoy your day, stay safe and stay away from FOMO!

Nicolas 😊

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